Coaches Making a Difference


Kimberlyn Abbey of Agape Women’s Ministry and her coach Bill Ginn

We just wrapped up our training for Class 16 last Friday, here are three of our graduates and their coaches.  We appreciate the difference your coaching makes!


Angie Wessner (coach)and Stacy Brungardt of the Collective at Cumberland


Tim Adcox of Heart of a Champion with his coach Ralph Bowlin

More from our Graduation Dry Run



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Graduation Dry Run Presentations

IMG_1193 (1)

Thanks to Angela Naphin for organizing a panel to provide feedback on Class 16 and 17 presentations.  We really appreciate Shelli Keagle, Jenny Cater, Angie Wessner, Jill Hardy and Bill Serravezza spending the morning and sharing their feedback with our class. These will be the basis for presentations to a panel of foundation and church […]

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Improve your emails for better impact

We want our email reader to absorb, engage, and act on it. Here are some time tested tips: Use the return key: shorter paragraphs and more white space increase visual appeal Use bold face to highlight key concepts Use bullets to break up the text.  These work well with consecutive facts Keep it short, don’t make […]

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New Overtime Rules Will Impact Nonprofits


From the folks at Pro Bono Partnership: Last year, the U.S. Department of Labor proposed raising the minimum salary required for the “white collar” overtime exemptions (executive, administrative, and professional) from $455 per week ($23,600 per year) to $921 per week ($47,892 per year), with automatic annual upward adjustments. These regulations are likely to be […]

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Nonprofit in Training: Davis Direction Foundation, Fighting the Heroin Epidemic

Davis Direction

The Davis Direction Foundation, led by Missy Owen is a lifesaving ministry designed to lead people from opioid and heroin addiction to recovery, and keep them there.  There is an 87% relapse rate for addicts, and Davis Direction Foundation (DDF) wants to change that. The Davis Direction Foundation believes the key to success is to give […]

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Nonprofit Board Members Enhance Their Fundraising Skill

Fundraing for Board Members 1

On Saturday April 16 Board Members and Executive Directors from five nonprofits enjoyed a fast paced morning with Gregg Pawlowski, the LEAD Institute’s fundraising expert from Breakthru Fundraising. Tweet

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Meet our Social Media Expert:Ben Wright

Ben Wright

Those of you who follow The Atlanta LEAD Institute on Facebook have probably noted a significant improvement in our postings.  This is thanks to our Social Media Volunteer Ben Wright.  When not assisting LEAD, Ben is the primary social media and website manager for the Georgia Tech College of Engineering dean’s office which oversees the […]

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What is hindering your fundraising?

Marc Pittman “The Fundraising Coach” in a recent post discussed three weaknesses we need to overcome: A possible donor list is only valuable if you’re engaging with the people on it.  People give because they’re asked. Research is beneficial, but at the margin no one every gave because you found out that one more bit […]

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Another Great Nonprofit Training Session from Greg Creech

Greg Creech

Greg Creech provided another fast paced class in Microsoft Office to the LEAD folks last Friday, April 1. Greg does a great job of sharing his deep knowledge of the inner workings of Office, in a fun and refreshing manner with our nonprofit leaders. For more information on Greg and Techedutainment Services, check out Tweet

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