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Another Atlanta LEAD Ministry Making an Impact: Heart of a Champion

Heart of a Champion Heart of a Champion, led by Tim Adcox, provides character development and service opportunities to the ‘Perfect Game’ travel baseball teams that come to the LakePoint Sporting Community (near Cartersville, GA). Over 80% of today’s professional baseball players participated in ‘Perfect Game’ sponsored events while they were in high school. This represents a unique opportunity to work with these young men to develop character, a frequently missing element in their lives which has serious repercussions on their careers. Tim was familiar with the LEAD Institute as Minister for Outreach for Smoke Rise Baptist Church. “I knew that LEAD Institute has had a phenomenal impact on other nonprofits, as I’ve sponsored other ministries’ participation in the training. When it came time to equip myself to develop and manage Heart of a Champion, I selected LEAD. I knew from experience that it was high quality.” “I’ve enjoyed how comprehensive the overview of all the necessary topics needed to run Heart of a Champion. It is a great opportunity to be in partnership with other leaders during the training.” “The coaching experience has been great, Ralph and I meet after each class to determine how I will implement the materials into my organization. I really appreciate my coach’s availability to discuss and assist me in prioritizing actions,” says Tim. For more information, visit their Facebook page here.