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Balama Development Alliance... Part of LEAD Class 10

The Balama Development Alliance (BDA) is a faith-based nonprofit organization committed to serving rural communities in Liberia, West Africa. BDA’s mission is to “enable transformational development and renewal by investing in the dreams of communities, so that they might be released from physical and spiritual poverty.” BDA implements this strategic vision by working with communities, staff, churches, individuals and other partners in order to create opportunities for education community development and evangelism.
  • Education
    • Liberia has a 43% illiteracy rate and an average school life expectancy of 9.5 years.
    • Balama Elementary School started with 98 students and has grown to serve over 722 students, employing 15 teachers.
  • Community Development
    • The national unemployment rate in Liberia is 85%,.
    • BDA empowers their communities through the micro-loan program, community farms and other self-enabling projects. This program has given 102 entrepreneurial families the opportunity to “stand on their own two feet.”
  • Evangelism
    • BDA believes that there cannot be sustainable change without leaders and individuals who have a strong spiritual foundation.
    • Through their mentoring program, BDA identifies emerging leaders and provides the resources needed to sponsor them through college- level or vocational education programs. BDA helps to provide these individuals with education in the hopes that they will return to or remain in their communities and become leaders.
To learn more about BDA, visit their website