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Don’t Put Off Fundraising Planning …

Summer time is a perfect time to reassess your fundraising, suggests Marc Pitman, the Fundraising Coach. (For those of you in the final days of Summer Programs, put this off to August!) Most donors give at year end, so it’s important that we be ready for the fourth quarter fundraising push. Starting work now allows time to implement change. Some suggested actions:
  1. Review your donor communications. Are they effective? Are you satisfied with your open and click rate for emails? Is there an outside person you could use as a feedback/sounding board for improvements?
  2. Draft your fundraising letters… whether you send out 1, 4, or more, write them all at once and have them done. This also gives you the opportunity
  3. Plan for upcoming meetings. Who do you want to meet with, when will you ask them for the meeting, what will you present? Here’s a chance to customize your contacts and improve the personal interaction of the meeting.
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