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Featured Organization: FCS Urban Ministries

FCS (focus community strategies) is a collective of visionaries and social entrepreneurs, transforming distressed urban neighborhoods through Christian community development. “Our mission is to create healthy places in the city where families flourish and God’s shalom is present.” FCS was founded in 1976 and has grown to become a multifaceted community development organization. The FCS core values are dignity, empowerment and neighboring. They are a diverse people of faith pursuing justice, mercy and humility, loving God and neighbor. Self-preservation is not a goal of FCS. FCS is committed to remaining nimble as a learning organization to respond to the vision at hand. As a collective, they currently have multiple organizations that work together to transform communities. The list of FCS Urban Ministries partners is impressive. We are happy to include four of them as past and present LEAD Institute attendees. Georgia Avenue Community Ministry and Adopt A Grandparent have completed our program, and Youth Universe and Beltline Bike Shop are currently attending. To learn more about FCS Urban Ministries, visit their website and check out their blog