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Making an Impact: Miss Tilly and Every Woman Works

Great article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday on our alumna, Miss Tilly and her organization. Miss Tilly At Every Woman Works: "We help women write résumés, learn to interview and gain transferable job skills, but also provide classes on parenting, leadership, personal presentation, fitness and healthy eating," she says. "It's a holistic, mind-body approach." Each woman is assigned a coach who helps her get a job and stay employed. The coaches check in with graduates for years, helping them with challenges that arise at home and in the workplace. "Providing ongoing social-emotional support is critical, because many women have been told all their life they wouldn't amount to anything, so they don't believe in themselves," says Ms. O'Neal-Kyles. "It's rewarding to see the women pass their newfound confidence and values onto their children, because that breaks the chain of poverty." To read the whole article, click here