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Nonprofit in Training: Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta

Nonprofit in Training: Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta

The Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta provides a day program for adults with disabilities (such as down’s syndrome, autism, etc.) as they transition from high school to adult services.

They seek to provide a solution to this serious and continually growing problem. They provide a comprehensive day program that provides facilities and programming designed to meet the social and recreational needs of all participants. Currently they serve up to 15 people a day from a pool of 23 families in the Gwinnett area. Susan Keeney, the Director of Programming, is currently in LEAD Class 24.

“LEAD’s training has helped us focus in on the target areas we need to develop as an organization. It forces us to work on building our organization’s foundation, not just be consumed by our day to day urgencies” said Susan.

“The Board Training by Kevin Monroe was a game changer. Our board chair attended, and learned so much about roles and responsibilities of the board. He was particularly encouraged to see that the challenges we face are not unique to our board, they are common to many ministries” shared Susan.

Susan went on to say “Our mentor Chris has been amazing. Having someone who can share their business background and provide an alternative viewpoint is so helpful. He has been encouraging, challenging us to set priorities for needed changes, and yet remains inspiring. He’s been a real benefit to our organization.”

For more information, visit https://www.efatl.org/