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Ministry in Training: God's Appalachian Partnership in Kentucky

God's Appalachian Partnership (GAP) was founded in McDowell, Kentucky in 1999 in response to the economic downturn in Floyd County as a result of coal mine closings. John Morris took over as Executive Director in 2013 after a twelve year career as a pastor. GAP’s purpose is to meet people at their point of need, and to share the love of Jesus Christ. They have four major programs: Resource Distribution, Construction and Home Repair, Educational Programs, and Bible Studies. The LEAD Institute was recommended to John by an Atlanta church that is a sponsor of GAP. John was interested in our training because “I come from a pastoral background. I saw a need to learn how business and ministry mesh in a nonprofit. With my LEAD training I have a better grasp of how they come together. I’ve improved my ability to communicate about GAP with people with a business mindset.” “There have been some challenges with the distance learning. I try to be in Atlanta to attend key classes, and the rest of the time I ‘attend’ by Skype.” Checkout their website for more information at www.gapky.org