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Ministry in Training: Judy House

Judy House provides housing resources, and health and relational hope for those in need, with a focus on homeless men in Gwinnett, most of who’ve been in the correctional system.

Paul Epperson and Dan Capobianco started Judy House in 2013 with their first home, and have added a second house since then. Paul believes “Our goal is to not just be a halfway house, but to make it a home. This allows us to build relationships and trust in the process.”

Paul added “It’s hard to narrow down what LEAD training had the most impact. Probably it was that we’ve developed clarity of who we are, what we do, and the kind of help we need. By learning to narrow our focus, we’re better able to articulate our vision. You have to come prepared to work, but when you do and apply the materials it forges a path for your ministry.”

“Bill has been a great coach. He makes us figure things out by asking pertinent questions that matter. He has challenged us and we’ve built a great relationship,” said Paul.

For more information, click here: https://judyhouse.org