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Ministry in Training: Sisters for Society

Christmas Party for Families

Sisters for Society was created to provide a lifeline of support to families in need, giving a hand in difficult times to prevent homelessness and encourage personal growth. In addition to food, they also offer financial training to help families better manage their resources.

Their service area is Fayette and Coweta County. Sisters for Society serves 30-40 families in a month, 144 families last year. Typically, the folks they help are back on their feet within 6 months. Kavian Baker is the founder of this nonprofit that started in Jan 2017

“LEAD is helping me to narrow my focus and understand the fundamentals of business. My heart is to do and serve, but I need to understand how to build an organization to deliver my passion. Every class always has something to take back and apply to my organization” said Kavian.

“My coach Bob and I have a good relationship, he really gets my mind thinking” she added.

For more information on Sisters for Society, please click here