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Ministry in Training: The Matthew Initiative... bringing church renewal through children's programs

The Matthew Initiative is dedicated to bringing about renewal in the local church through children's ministry. It is led by Sharon Yancey and Jordan Black
Over the last 8 years, they have developed a process to work with individual churches to re-engage with their local community and re-energize the calling of the church.
"We've done a good job of taking care of our church clients, but in the process we have neglected the development of our nonprofit. Our LEAD training has challenged us to ask, how can we make this all it can be? LEAD has given us a brand new tool box, highlighting the things we need to strengthen. Where else could you get such a comprehensive road map for what needs to be done? It's been such an efficient structure and format for us" said Jordan. "As a result of the challenges of LEAD, we have developed a multiplication plan. Where today we are serving one church, in 2019 we can serve ten... and then take that anywhere we need to" said Sharon.
"We have really enjoyed our coach Bob. He is an awesome sounding board, bringing calm energy to our challenges. We appreciate that he supports us unconditionally, and provides an encouraging objective voice" added Sharon.
Parker UMC described themselves as barren, with no children attending. Thanks to the Matthew Initiative they now have over 30 community children, and an abundance of volunteers
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