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Ministry in Training: Walk of Faith House

Walk of Faith is a twelve to fifteen month in house regeneration program for women struggling with addictions. We work to establish their identity in Christ, which leads to a road to freedom from addictions. Walk of Faith is led by Kim Maniaci, the Executive Director, and John her husband. It was founded in 2015. “We are currently raising funds to establish a house in the Coweta/Carrol county area. In the meantime, we are hosting a community small group that uses the “Freedom Curriculum” for women struggling with addictions and/or their family members. Our first group of women completed the program late in 2017. In January we started our second group, and have twelve participants.” “LEAD provides a tremendous return on our investment, you get back exponentially more than its cost. It’s very important that we are learning all the things we need to know to properly run our ministry and keep it in compliance “ said Kim. “LEAD has had a definite impact on their operations, particularly fundraising. The classes have been tremendous. Getting the two pager together has really paid off. It’s available for anyone to use to explain our ministry. Our board now has copies so they can talk about us to others.” Said John. For more information go to walkoffaithhouse.com