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Nonprofit in Training: Davis Direction Foundation, Fighting the Heroin Epidemic

Davis DirectionThe Davis Direction Foundation, led by Missy Owen is a lifesaving ministry designed to lead people from opioid and heroin addiction to recovery, and keep them there. There is an 87% relapse rate for addicts, and Davis Direction Foundation (DDF) wants to change that. The Davis Direction Foundation believes the key to success is to give recovering people the resources they need to stay clean once they leave rehab. They believes that those in recovery need to rebuild positive personal connections with a place to come each day where they can connect to others and to recover to a normal kind of life. There plan is to provide this resource (The Zone – Community Recovery Center for Heroin Addiction) in the downtown Marietta area. Additionally they have educational programs, and distribute Naloxone kits. As she completes her training, Missy Owen says: “There have been so many benefits to being in LEAD training. I’ve enjoyed learning best practices from the experts that teach the classes. Also, I’ve learned from the other people in the class about what’s worked for them… and what hasn’t. What really struck me was the need for relationships. That you are building a relationship with your supporters, you’re not just after them for the fast buck.” For more information, go to http://www.davisdirection.com/