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Nonprofit in Training: Leap for Literacy

Nonprofit in Training: Leap for Literacy

Stan Tucker is the Founder and Executive Director of Leap for Literacy, a nonprofit organization that allows kids to earn books in exchange for acts of kindness while developing their reading and writing skills so that they grow up to be kind, well read, accomplished adults.

Stan enrolled in LEAD's training program because he knew there were a lot of things he needed to learn as he was launching Leap for Literacy, particularly strategies for fundraising and communicating with donors. Stan benefited greatly from LEAD's newly added Persuasive Speaking Workshop, which helped him develop a compelling Elevator Pitch. Through the fundraising sessions, he learned how to close out a meeting with potential donors by making an invitation to join Leap for Literacy's work. These sessions prepared him to raise funds during the pandemic and this year-end season.

Stan shared recently shared his story with LEAD.

First Stan shared what Leap for Literacy does and why he was inspired to start a nonprofit.

Then he shared more about the ways Leap for Literacy serves.

Finally, Stan shared about the LEAD experience, virtual classes, and what he's excited about for next semester.

Thanks to Stan for his time and support of LEAD.  So glad to be a part of Stan's story.  Learn more at https://www.leapforliteracy.org/