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Recent Nonprofit Graduate: The Mom Community

Recent Nonprofit Graduate: The Mom Community

The Mom Community provides a place for young moms to belong.  The organization supports pregnant and new moms who are transitioning into stable, healthy living by providing housing, security, and opportunities for personal growth.  This has been a personal ministry for the founder, Christy Smucker, for five years, but in 2020 and through LEAD, Christy focused on building an organization that can effectively serve and disciple a growing number of moms in need.  This year, the Mom Community obtained its 501c3, raised over $100,000, purchased a house, and established programming to serve 10 moms.    

Christy said: "When I started LEAD, I felt like an imposter. I cared deeply for young, pregnant moms, but I didn't feel like I was a leader. After taking LEAD, I was trained in ways and had the tools I needed to help me take the next steps. I feel confident sharing about what we are doing and leading the organization. I am so much more equipped. I continue to learn, but I have the tools I need to do the job."   

Christy said about her coach, Ryan Treadwell, "Ryan helped me prioritize and sort through what parts of the class were going to be most helpful or important for my organization. Having a coach was a very important part of LEAD."   

Christy also discussed the importance of community with other nonprofit leaders. She said, "I missed the interaction with the class members when we transitioned to virtual, but I was so glad to network with other leaders, especially at graduation."

To learn more about the Mom Community, click https://momcommunity.org