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Recent Nonprofit Graduate: Jambos

Recent Nonprofit Graduate: Jambos

Jambos is an Atlanta based ministry that provides brand new pajamas to kids as they journey through the foster care system.  Each time a child transitions to a new home, Jambos provides a fresh set of pajamas, helping ease the difficult change.  They work extensively with DFACs and Social Workers.

Jambos started in 2018, and has delivered over 11,000 pajamas to date.

Rebekah Black is the Jambos Executive Director and shared about her LEAD Institute experiences: “Coming from the for profit world, I’ve really enjoyed learning the ins and outs of leading a nonprofit, the best practices, and the vocabulary of the industry.”

“Probably the most important thing I’ve learned is how to clarify our message about our mission and our impact.  This flows into fundraising, where I’ve learned how to have an ask conversation.  LEAD has given me a clear roadmap, with scripts, to actually do it” added Rebekah.

“My coach Glenn has been so great.  It’s very helpful that he things differently than me.  He has been very helpful in applying strategic thinking to break projects down into next actions.  He’s helped me as a cheerleader and support system during my LEAD training.”

For more information about Jambos, click https://jambosdonates.com/