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SureFire Prayer International... Another Nonprofit Ministry in Training

SureFire Prayer International equips church leaders and families to apply Biblical lessons to everyday life, with a focus on prayer. This focus will lead to a healthier Kingdom lifestyle for participants. SureFire Prayer has presented its programs around the U.S. and internationally.Surefire Prayer Paige chose to be a part of LEAD after a friend invited her to sit in on a class on Board Development. She saw firsthand the depth that she needed in order to lead her nonprofit to sustainability. “There’s not just one thing I can point to, it’s that overall confidence that the training has instilled in me and correspondingly in my Board. We’re working smarter, not harder, and the people who come through the Surefire program are benefiting from it” said Paige. “Every Board meeting I thank my board for sending me to LEAD.” “Having a coach has really reinforced the classroom learning experience. Bill (Serravezza) is very knowledgeable and yet meets me where I am and helps me get to the next level. It is a joy to have him walk alongside my ministry.” “I highly encourage an organization at any stage to consider LEAD training to take the next step for sustainability and service for His Kingdom.” For more information, click here.