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The LEAD Institute Welcomes Class 26

The LEAD Institute Welcomes Class 26

Our new LEAD cohort launched virtually in July. Welcome to:

Beth Malanosky of The Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta
Diane Ward of Project Transformation North Georgia
Gregory Cook of Renovus
Jay Jackson of RYSE Creative Village
Richard Greene of Freeda Harris Baptist Center
Stan Tucker of Leap for Literacy

We are excited to be able to train this passionate and capable group of leaders during the challenging season of quarantine and uncertainty.  We are thankful this new cohort is flexible and willing to provide feedback as we explore new content to supplement LEAD's time-tested curriculum and try new platforms and tools to deliver our content virtually for the first time. 

To supplement the current curriculum, we've added a Persuasive Speaking Workshop with a new trainer, J.D. Clockadale of Speechworks.  Plus we are adding additional sessions with our Board Development trainer, Kevin Monroe, and our Fundraising trainer, Gregg Pawlowski. 

Through our new website, we also have the capability to share recorded sessions and materials as on-demand webinars.  We launched our first one last week: https://www.leadatl.org/products/giving-season-webinar-recording.