The Annual Impact Breakfast

Save the date for our 2021 event | February 25, 2021

Each February, we host an annual LEAD Impact Breakfast. We look forward to sharing the impact of LEAD on our nonprofit graduates and the impact of our graduates on clients, communities, Atlanta, and the world!

LEAD’s Ten Month training program equips nonprofits to thrive. Over 110 nonprofits have graduated from LEAD’s programs since 2007 and 98% of graduates are still in operation! This translates into significant social impact for Atlanta and beyond. The Annual Impact Breakfast creates awareness for our programs and invites others into this transformative work!

The LEAD Impact Breakfast offers the opportunity to get to know LEAD's graduates and hear how LEAD has helped their organizations more effectively achieve their missions. We share opportunities to coach, volunteer, or attend trainings and seminars on nonprofit best practices hosted by LEAD throughout the year. Finally, we will announce the winners of the LEAD Impact Awards, an exciting opportunity to honor a LEAD community partner, LEAD Coach and LEAD nonprofit graduate for contributions to our community.