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Foundations Training Program

The LEAD curriculum has been incorporated into the Foundations Training Program of the Orchard Institute and provides value to the growing number of nonprofit ministry leaders. The training is offered virtually and covers capacity-building content in these areas:

Clarify Your Strategy and Organizational Story.

  • Mission, Vision and Values
  • Two Page Ministry Summary and Budget
  • Program Definition and Measurement
  • Strategic Planning and Execution

Engage Your Board of Directors.

  • Board Roles and Responsibilities
  • Identifying Board Needs
  • Board Recruitment


Improve Fundraising.

  • The Fundraising Funnel
  • Introductory Conversations
  • Setting Up Meetings
  • Making the Ask
  • Donor Care
  • Formal Presentation Practice

Manage Administrative Details.

  • Personal Productivity
  • Equipping Volunteers
  • Legal Issues for Nonprofits
  • Risk Management and Insurance for Nonprofits
  • Accounting and Fraud Prevention

Are you a faith-called nonprofit leader seeking to increase your organization’s capacity? Learn more about becoming an Orchard Partner and benefiting from capacity-building ctraining.