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Staff, Trainers & Board

LEAD Staff

Liz Head, Executive Director

Liz has been involved with The LEAD Institute for more than five years and has been a coach with three of LEAD-trained nonprofits. In addition, she serves as a board member of Presencia, one of the ministries she coached through LEAD.

Liz has more than 15 years of experience providing advisory services to small- to medium-sized companies. She most recently worked with the investment banking groups of Fifth Third Securities and Cary Street Partners. Prior to that, she held several operations management roles with McMaster-Carr Supply Company.   She is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Harvard Business School.

Taisia Grissom, Customer Relationship Mangement Consultant

Taisia joins the LEAD team as a customer relationship management consultant. She has over 20 years of
experience as a revenue-generating leader of projects and programs in both corporate and non-profit
environments. She lives her passion for paying it forward by her commitment to uplift communities and
people through philanthropy and corporate social responsibility initiatives. She is skilled at fundraising,
translating strategy into operational execution, implementing programs for stakeholder engagement
and, donor stewardship management.

Chris York, Founder & Consultant

Chris York is the Founder and former Executive Director of The LEAD Institute. Chris has 25 years of experience in aerospace business management, working on programs like the F-15, the F/A-18, the F-22 and the Apache helicopter.

In 2007, Chris developed the concept which became The LEAD Institute. Chris led the organization from its inception until June 2020. He remains an active supporter, consultant, and volunteer to LEAD.


Kevin Monroe
Xfactor Consulting
Specialty: Board Development & Recruitment
Gregg Pawlowski
Breakthru Fundraising
Specialty: Fundraising Strategy
Amy White
Refreshing Perspectives
Specialty: Mission, Vision & Values
Rachel Spears
Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta
Specialty: Legal
Alan Holman
Holman and Company
Specialty: Insurance
Dan Hayes
Specialty: Prayer Teams
Karen Grosvenor
Brooks, McGinnis & Company
Specialty: Accounting
Takia Lamb
TK Consulting & Design LLC
Specialty: Branding & Web Presence
J.D. Clockadale
Specialty: Persuasive Speaking
Jared Simmons
Outlast Consulting
Specialty: Strategic Planning
Judith Norback
The Center of Excellence for Workplace Communications
Specialty: Presentation Skills Coaching
Daniel Grissom
Deal Closer Coaching
Specialty: Coaching Tools & Resources
Breauna Dorelus
Connecting the Cause
Specialty: Training Volunteers
Rebekah Black
Specialty: Volunteer Recruitment
Diana Woodruff
Lavender Ink Creative
Specialty: Systems and Internal Process
Christina Edwards
Splendid Consulting
Specialty: Brand Strategy and Social Media
Greg Creech
Specialty: Microsoft Office
Chris York
Specialty: Personal Productivity

Board of Directors

Mac Joye
Board Chair
Cadence Bank
Spence McClelland
Noro-Moseley Partners
Chris Carter
Board Member
Vantage Realty Partners
Liz Head
Executive Director & Secretary
LEAD Institute

Board Emeritus

Ralph Bowlin
Early-Stage Investor
Glenn Carson
Independent Consultant
Val Cater
Gilgal, Inc.
Jay Madden
Peachtree Church
Craig Miller
Miller Ventures
Amy White
Refreshing Perspectives
Kelly Wolfensperger
Peachtree Church