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Experienced Trainers

Kevin Monroe
Xfactor Consulting
Specialty: Board Development & Recruitment
Gregg Pawlowski
Breakthru Fundraising
Specialty: Fundraising Strategy
Amy White
Refreshing Perspectives
Specialty: Mission, Vision & Values
Rachel Spears
Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta
Specialty: Legal
Alan Holman
Holman and Company
Specialty: Insurance
Dan Hayes
Specialty: Prayer Teams
Karen Grosvenor
Brooks, McGinnis & Company
Specialty: Accounting
Takia Lamb
TK Consulting & Design LLC
Specialty: Branding & Web Presence
J.D. Clockadale
Specialty: Persuasive Speaking
Jared Simmons
Outlast Consulting
Specialty: Strategic Planning
Judith Norback
The Center of Excellence for Workplace Communications
Specialty: Presentation Skills Coaching
Daniel Grissom
Deal Closer Coaching
Specialty: Coaching Tools & Resources
Breauna Dorelus
Connecting the Cause
Specialty: Training Volunteers
Rebekah Black
Specialty: Volunteer Recruitment
Diana Woodruff
Lavender Ink Creative
Specialty: Systems and Internal Process
Christina Edwards
Splendid Consulting
Specialty: Brand Strategy and Social Media
Greg Creech
Specialty: Microsoft Office
Chris York
Specialty: Personal Productivity