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Use your business expertise to coach a faith-called nonprofit leader.

Now that LEAD is a part of Orchard, the need for coaches has grown. We want each nonprofit leader served by Orchard to have a coach to be a sounding board as they implement strategic priorities and participate in training. Coaches will guide nonprofit leaders by providing accountability and encouragement and to share knowledge.

A coach’s support comes in the form of weekly emails and phone calls with the nonprofit leader and meetings on a monthly basis. The time commitment required is less than one hour per week. Coaches commit to serving a nonprofit leader for one year.

To be a successful coach you do not need experience with nonprofits. Your business knowledge is enough. Most of the nonprofit leaders have limited business background, so your experience can have a great impact. Sound interesting?

Could you use your business expertise to coach a faith-called nonprofit? Let us know your interest by contacting Orchard through this link.